About the School

A brand new Free School, opening in September!


The Raise Academy is a brand new school opening in September 2024. The school will specialise in supporting pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, primarily from the Halton and St Helens areas. The school will provide a calm, safe and welcoming environment for pupils that might have struggled to succeed in traditional educational settings.

The Youth Engagement Schools Trust is behind The Raise Academy. The Trust specialises in supporting and driving high quality SEN and Alternative Provision schools, and we like to think that we do things differently. We are genuinely child centred, in that all our decisions within our schools have to be in the best interests of the children attending that school. This will absolutely be the case at The Raise Academy. Pupils will have the opportunity to be engaged in a wide range of vocational and practical subjects that will give them new opportunities to progress personally, socially and academically. The curriculum will be underpinned by high quality and supportive Maths, English and Science and all lessons will be taught in small classes of up to 8 pupils, with teachers, learning mentors and pastoral/teaching assistants.

Our vision for The Raise Academy is to work tirelessly to provide excellence for every student. With a highly-trained, specialised team, we will support the entire cohort’s needs, particularly focusing on those students with Emotional and social difficulties; with an aspirational environment to recapture an often lost passion for learning and creativity we hope to capture new found curiosity and imagination to help all become the best versions of themselves.

‘Raise’ represents far more than just a name for a school.  It neatly summarises our vision for the Academy, and expresses the ethos for education we strive to provide; working tirelessly to raise the aspirations of every learner underpinned by our core ethos of positive achievement and success at every stage. We will strive to provide a child centred approach to learning boosting core literacy, numeracy and life skills; while developing their personal, social and emotional skills; Leading to high quality academic and vocational achievement and positive post-16 destinations.