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The RAISE curriculum is:

  • Relevant
  • Aspirational
  • Inspiring
  • Sequenced
  • Engaging

Fostering enquiry-based learning and promoting a thirst for knowledge, maximising academic potential and personal/social development, enhancing future life chances through a nurturing approach. We intend our students to become lifelong learners ready to take on the next phase in life equipped with the attributes, skills, knowledge, understanding and qualifications they need to be successful in their futures.

Our rich and deep curriculum covers a wide spectrum of opportunities both academic and non-academic to ensure our young people enjoy and engage in their learning.

Our vision is that when a student leaves The Raise Academy we want them to:

  • have plans in place for their future
  • enjoy learning and see the value of lifelong learning
  • have respect and understanding for themselves and others, regardless        of differences
  • have productive roles as a contributing member of society
  • know how to maintain a healthy body and mind
  • have achieved their best academic outcomes

We believe our curriculum allows all pupils to achieve these outcomes.

The Raise Academy sees the importance of developing all aspects of a student’s character and so offers a holistic education promoting progress in all areas – socially, intellectually, creatively and culturally. Fundamental to this is equipping students with the tools to support their mental health now and in the future.

For further information our curriculum policy can be accessed here: The Raise Curriculum Policy