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All students have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) incorporating regular target setting and reviews. The Raise Academy will foster close relationships with parents/carers bringing them into our learning community. TFA has 94% parental engagement, allowing parents to see student work / talk to staff through our parental portal; progress reporting is through drop-in sessions, coffee mornings, formal reports, and through regular correspondence/advice on how to support their child. Opportunities for communication and sharing ideas are regularly promoted.  This set-up will form the basis of a vibrant parent partnership to help improve the Academy.

All elements of the Academy environment will have a core focus on EWB, intending to develop and engage students in their learning curriculum within each key stage, while allowing them to understand and address the nature of mental health needs. EWB is a continuum, not a set need.  Students can move up and down that continuum, so our EWB activity impacts more broadly than simply addressing exhibited problems. EWB is a key element in student development, and promoting readiness to learn, particularly for SEMH students, where dynamic support enables them to become resilient learners.