Pupils Welcome

Welcome to

The Raise Academy is a brand new specialist school due to open September 2024.

Welcome Message for Students

If I could grant you three wishes for your life, what would they be and what would it take to turn those dreams into reality?

What do you want to be? Why can’t you?

What would you like to have in life?  Who says you can’t have it?

Where would you like to go?  What’s stopping you?

Forget everything you already know about school so far – at The Raise Academy we will help you maximise your potential by teaching you in small groups, in a safe, supportive atmosphere.  Our staff will really get to know you as a person and will make sure you are happy, feel understood and make learning fun and exciting in a way that best supports you and your needs.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school community!

Paul Eager

What can I expect from the Raise Academy?

The Raise Academy will provide a safe space for you to learn and develop  educationally, but you will also be supported to develop skills in order to manage your SEMH needs. The staff will be there to support you and your family through your school life. You can expect respect, care and patience from our staff.

We at The Raise Academy are keen to create a ‘family’. The Raise Academy family, will ensure that the people around you will be aware of your needs and will do all they can to meet those needs within a nurturing environment. Our culture and ethos is built around mutual respect, authentic relationships and will be adaptive to need and centred around you!

Although we are keen for you to achieve the best possible outcomes and as many qualifications as possible we recognise this cannot be done until you feel safe, happy and settled within your new school.

Our school day will aim to provide a balance of academic subjects alongside those that will boost wellbeing and offer the opportunity to develop practical skills that will boost confidence and prepare you for the outside world.

Year Groups?

We will open, offering places for students Year 7 up to Year 9 but as we grow we will offer places right up to Year 11.

Class sizes?

We will only have small class sizes. Each year group will have a maximum of 8 students in.


The Raise Academy will expect that students wear our school polo shirt. However, the rest of the dress code is quite flexible and encourages individuality and identity.

Our aim

We will:

Inspire children to develop a sense of awe, wonder and curiosity

Raise children’s aspirations, both academically and socially

Make sure children build a strong sense of independence and to be resilient to the trials and troubles of life

Inspire children’s minds and get them to think outside of the box with creativity

Give children motivation and purpose, so that they move toward, believing their dream is possible

Provide a safe and secure environment, where everyone can learn, staffed with patient, understanding and trusted adults who show respect and empathy

Our ethos and vision

The Raise Academy will work constantly to provide excellence for you. With a highly-trained, specialised team, we will support your needs, providing a safe, but aspirational, environment to recapture an often-lost passion for learning and creativity.

Raise’ represents far more than just a name for a school. It neatly summarises our vision for the Academy, Ultimately, we plan to raise all learners to a level they can sustain achievement, contribute to local communities and wider society, be proud of their outcomes and strive or better life destinations.

Our Pastoral Lead will be looking to support each student and their family from our initial meeting, building a profile ensuring that each member of
staff know each child well and can adapt their approach accordingly to reflect the needs of the student. As well as in-house support, staff will be working closely with a number of outside agencies to ensure a whole support system for students and their families.

Our aim

The Raise Academy will work to ensure that you feel safe, secure and able to learn and achieve your best. The team of staff will do their best to support you, but at times we may need to invite other people into the school to help you and your family, for example:

Social Workers

CAMHS Practitioners

Youth Workers

Speech and Language Therapists

Educational Psychologists

The Special Educational Needs Team


Medical Needs Team

Young Carers

Just drop in

Family Support Workers


Music or Art Therapists


An example of the school day

What will I be doing?

9:15am – Arrival and Breakfast

9:30am – Form Time and Pastoral Support

9:50am – Lesson One

10:40am – Lesson Two

11:30am – Breaktime

11:50am – Lesson Three

12:40pm – Lesson Four

1:30pm – Lunchtime

2:10pm – Lesson Five (Practical subjects)

3:00pm – Personalised Learning

3:30pm – Taxis for departure

Meet our Team

Mr Brindle – Trust CEO

Miss Phillips – Trust Director of Education

Mr Heptinstall – Trust Director of Business

Mrs Lorna Lockhart – Trust Project Manager

Mr Paul Eager – Headteacher

Your future, your sucess

The Raise Academy will have high expectations when it comes to behaviour, attitude, effort and progress.  We will ensure that the right strategies are put in place to help you succeed.  We will work alongside your parents and carers to build a system of care and education that fits around your needs.  We want each and every student to feel that the academy provides safety, security, wellbeing and a targeted progress plan, looking forward and planning for life after Raise and successful futures.

Student voice

We feel passionately that our school community should be a family, listening to each other, showing a mutual respect and working together towards healthy, happy and successful futures.  Therefore, we feel that you should have your say, you should have ownership of your school and contribute to the running of the Academy. The Raise Academy will develop a school council to reflect this and give you, our students a voice!