Staff List

The Raise Academy team will be recruited from January 2024. The list of staff below shows the staffing structure, and gives an idea of when vacancies will be advertised, all of which will be for a September 2024 start (unless otherwise stated). For any information or to discuss any roles we have available from September 2024, please get in touch.

Leadership Team (recruited from Jan 24)

Headteacher – Paul Eager
Deputy Headteacher
Assistant Headteacher (Sep 2025)
Pastoral Lead and DSL
Office Manager

Teaching staff (recruited from Feb 24)

Outdoor Education Learning Mentor
Music Learning Mentor
Food Tech Learning Mentor
PE Teacher
Art Teacher
Design Tech Teacher
ICT and Computer Science Teacher (Sep 2025)
Maths Teacher
English Teacher
Science Teacher
KS3 Teacher

Pupil Welfare and Support (recruited from Apr 24)

Mental Health Counsellor
Pastoral Support Officer
Pastoral Support Officer (Sep 2025)
Outreach Support Officer
Outreach Support Officer (Sep 2025)
Teaching Assistants – 8 in total across various subject areas (2 in Sep 2025)

Finance and Operations Team (recruited from May 24)

Office Administrator
School Administrator and Receptionist

Site Manager
Caretaker (Sep 2025)